Janne Hyöty

Multi-platinum award winning songwriter and producer

I am a recognized songwriter, music producer and musician. In 2015 and 2016 I was honored with the Finnish music publishers association’s music export price for my great international success.
In Japan I have written big hits for Japanese boybands that has peaked at the number one spot on the sales chart. All together my songs has been included in over 30 No.1 releases. Some of these has also peaked at the top of the Billboard world top chart. In Japan I´ve written for groups like ARASHI, KAT-TUN, Sexy Zone, SHINee, Hey Say JUMP! and Unione, for which I have received multiple gold and platinum sales awards.
There have been some great releases in South Korea (SS301, Park Jun Ming, Sunny Hill, Ulala Session), Finland and Europe and I have entered the Eurovision song contest as a songwriter in Finland 13 times.
Over the years I´ve also worked as a professional guitarist, and I´ve played with numerous famous artists and bands, at the theatre and on TV. I´ve also worked as a jazz- pop- and rock teacher for many years. My instrumental soloalbum “Closing circle” was released in 2013.
I am one of the owners and founding member of the publishing company Sugar House Publishing, established in 2004.